The Youth United Voice programme supports youth in local and resettled communities to empower themselves and each other. We provide a space for them to find their voices, share their hopes and dreams, and to improve communication, leadership and organising skills, and integration in Aotearoa. Youth are invited to share their own ideas about what their communities need, help organise events and activities, make new friends and network with other youth. Through this programme, we hope to see an increase in confidence, competence, and dignity among youth, so that they can become leaders both within their communities and in wider New Zealand society.

We welcome young people from age 15-30 (These ages are a guideline, they are not strictly enforced). Our meetings and events are free. We meet once per month on a Saturday. Meetings are collaborative, and young people are encouraged to help brainstorm ideas.

While all youth are welcome to attend our events, we encourage young people to become more involved via official membership. The benefits of membership include:
· A sense of ownership and belonging to a community of peers
· Opportunities to develop leadership skills
· Regular updates about YUV activities and other relevant youth-related activities in Auckland, including both internal and external leadership training workshops
· Opportunities to attend external events as a representative of ARCC and YUV

YUV has a variety of activities, which are organised based on young members’ interests. Examples over the past year have included
· Fun Quiz Night
· Movie Night
· Needs Assessment Survey and Pizza session
· Youth Sports Day

Youth United Voice (YUV) Gallery