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Strengthening resettled community voices for better resettlement outcomes.


Nothing about us without us.


The cultures of our members go back many thousands of years. With them come diverse customs, rituals, beliefs, and values. The Auckland Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC) is committed to help resettled communities from all cultural backgrounds to thrive within New Zealand society.

The ARCC’s philosophy is driven by the idea that the resettlement of newcomers and resettled families can be a positive and empowering experience. To this end we have developed a set of values that guides our work:

We involve others and listen to them. We show consideration and empathy for their emotional and physical well-being.
We communicate with honesty and compassion.
We work in a courteous and polite manner with all people.
We give special consideration to the sacredness and humanity of each refugee – their culture, their language, their ancestry, their attitudes, their unique qualities, their skills and beliefs.
We celebrate all the diverse cultures of refugees living in Auckland.
We promote the retention and strengthening of each refugee’s language and culture.
We involve refugee communities in the things we do and keep all our processes transparent.
We reach out to all refugees to work together.
We ensure that all refugees are treated fairly.
We promote equal access to all services.
We promote the freedom to choose and the freedom of speech.
We acknowledge the importance of individual beliefs and opinions.
In our differences we look for our common ground.
We do what we say we are going to do to the best of our ability.
We give our time and skills for the betterment of the Auckland refugee community.

Refuge is defined as...


The state of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or difficulty.
“Her family found refuge in New Zealand. They are safe in Auckland now.”