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ARCC is an umbrella organisation working with 24 former refugee organisations in New Zealand.

Many of our staff are themselves former refugees who want to give something back and help those going through similar difficult times as they went through.

We want to make a positive change to people’s lives and foster a harmonious settlement process and integration into the local communities.

We advocate on behalf of former refugees, we represent them at government agency meetings, and we help get them access to fundamental services.

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Resettling in a new country is always difficult, having to learn a new language, understand new customs, become part of a new culture.

But it can be especially difficult for former refugees, for people struck by tragedy in their own country, ripped from their homes, forced to leave after having suffered pain and loss.

Grateful to be given a new place to live, they set out on a journey of making New Zealand their new home.


A home is more than just a place to live, it is having a sense of belonging, a sense of community.

Much is required to achieve such integration, including education, learning the language and ways of life here in New Zealand, finding employment, having access to health and community services and the support of the community.

Sometimes it’s simply having someone to talk to.


Our communities here in New Zealand are often in search of meaningful ways to help those recently settled in the country but often don’t know how.

The barriers hinder connection.

People want to donate but don’t know who they can trust, where the money will go.

They want to volunteer but don’t know where or whether they have something meaningful to offer.


That’s where ARCC come in. We are the link between the former refugee community and the people wanting to help.

We help by collecting donations and making sure they go where needed, we create connections between volunteers and people in need, between employers and former refugees looking for work.

We run projects and programs all with the aim of strengthening the bond between former refugees and the local communities, paving the way for a seamless integration by providing quicker access to some of the most fundamental things


We’re a grassroots non-profit society, which means we’re all about the people, trying to achieve lasting change and positive outcomes because we truly care.

Many of our own people are former refugees who deeply and sincerely feel for those affected because they understand the struggle.

We make sure that the money goes exactly where it’s needed because we know that the quality of so many lives depends on it.


A settled, integrated and thriving refugee background community in New Zealand


We work directly with our communities by focusing on capacity building and the establishment of networks


We show the general New Zealand audience the importance and benefits of a healthy resettlement process


We use our connec6tions to generate data and use that information to benefit of the people we serve

OUR Team

Both our team and our governing board are made up of a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds and with a spectrum of expertise that come together under our organisation’s vision and values.
We strive to make sure our staff and governance board reflect those values of integration and representation by keeping a balance between people who have lived through the refugee experience and people who have not, but are skilled enough to strengthen our mission..

Abann K.A Yor


Tina Pihema

Projects & Innovations Coordinator

Gatluak Chuol

Community Engagement & Relationship Coordinator

Faisal Farghaly


Yohanna Tesfai

Community Navigator

Stewart Devitt

External Facilitator / Skills Developer

Helen Te Hira

External Facilitator /

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OUR Projects

We initiate and support an array of different projects all with the overall aim of promoting a healthy and happy resettlement process and meaningful integration into the local community.

Our projects range from art exhibitions to raise awareness of different cultures, to reuniting families torn apart by war, to strengthening the voice and resilience of refugee women or young people in support groups, and equipping them with necessary skills and knowledge, to name a few…