About Us

OUR Background

Prior to 2005, there were many issues facing former refugees that were resettled in New Zealand. Challenges in building networks, employment, housing, gaining driver’s licenses, education, accessing health, and general navigation of New Zealand’s systems, were a major barrier preventing individuals from being able to call their new country home.

Although many were attempting to resolve these barriers, the reality was that one resettled community couldn’t deal with the resettlement issues on their own. The range and significance of the issues were simply too vast. 

In 2005, an ethnically diverse group of resettled community leaders and their friends, supporters and relevant agencies worked to establish a collective, and powerful, community. A community to provide opportunity, empowerment, and a voice that represented not one, but all resettled communities in Auckland and New Zealand. A community that would be powerful enough to have a meaningful and positive impact for former refugees.

In 2006, these collaborators and community leaders achieved their ambitions, and the Auckland Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC) was established.

The establishment of ARCC was supported by the Ministry of Social Development as part of the Settling In initiative.  Later, the initiative was taken over by the Department of Labour (now the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) as part of the nation-wide ‘Strengthening Refugee Voices’ initiative.

Today, ARCC brings together 20 member organisations from 15 diverse ethnic backgrounds from Afghanistan, Burundi, Cameroon, DR Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kurdish, Myanmar, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Rwanda, and Uganda.

If you are part of the resettled community in Auckland and would like to join our coalition. Any resettled community organisation can become a member.

OUR Team

Both our team and our governing board are made up of a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds and with a spectrum of expertise that come together under our organisation’s vision and values.
We strive to make sure our staff and governance board reflect those values of integration and representation by keeping a balance between people who have lived through the refugee experience and people who have not, but are skilled enough to strengthen our mission..

Abann K.A Yor


Tina Pihema

Projects & Innovations Coordinator

Gatluak Chuol

Community Engagement & Relationship Coordinator

Faisal Farghaly


Yohanna Tesfai


Stewart Devitt

External Facilitator / Skills Developer

Helen Te Hira

External Facilitator /


  • Afghan Association of New Zealand Inc.
  • Al–Eman Inc.
  • Auckland South Sudan Community Inc.
  • Burundian Association of New Zealand Inc.
  • Eritrean Community of New Zealand Inc.
  • Ethiopian Community of Auckland Inc.
  • Hope Worldwide – Pakistan
  • MATA of Hope New Zealand
  • Myanmar Gon Ye Organisation
  • New Zealand Chin Community
  • New Zealand Kurdish Community
  • New Zealand Palestine Community
  • New Zealand Uganda Community
  • New Zealand Zo Community Inc.
  • New Zealand Zomi Community
  • New Zealand Sri Lanka Forced Migrant Support Group
  • Okapi Alliance of New Zealand
  • Rwanda Community in New Zealand
  • Somali Education and Development Trust
  • Somali Kiwi Trust
  • Sudanese Society in New Zealand
  • Tigray Community in New Zealand
  • Western Sudanese Alliance in New Zealand