Our Team

Meet Our Board

Our governance Board reflects that we are a resettled community organization working towards positive settlement and integration, with five of our eight members from the resettled community, including our Chairperson, and the other three members from outside the resettled community but bringing particular strengths to contribute to the organization’s effective governance. The Board’s role involves setting the organization’s direction, overseeing the arrangements and practices that lead to the effective management of the organization’s operations, and ensuring accountability.

Genevieve Kayembe

Board Chairperson

Mulisa Debela

Board Vice-Chair

Arveen Horsefield

Board Treasurer

Jane Carlson

Board Secretary

Eslam Gadala

Board Member

Dal Sing

Board Member

Meet Our Staff

We’ve built a strong, diverse team with a broad spectrum of experience, expertise and skill-sets, brought together under our vision and values. To uphold our ethos of integration, we maintain a balance between those with forced migrant lived experience and those without but who possess the skills and expertise to strengthen our mission.

Abann Kamyay Ajak Yor

Chief Executive Officer


Hnin Pwint Soe

Operations Manager


Ehsan Hazaveh

Media and Communications Manager


Sandy Hildebrandt

Funding and Advocacy Coordinator


Nina Hlawnceu

Community Support Coordinator


Lavinia Suresh Kumar

Administrative Coordinator


Audrey Butoyi

Social Media Coordinator


Faisal Farghaly

Community Support Worker


Meet Our Volunteers

Our volunteers, with unique talents and perspectives, enrich our initiatives and foster unity. Their selfless commitment creates a dynamic force driving positive change, making them the cornerstone of transformative endeavors. Balancing lived experiences and specialized skills, they play a vital role in amplifying the reach and effectiveness of our shared goals.

Michael Geberhiwot

Community Navigator


Support Officer

Community Navigator


Interested in Becoming a Volunteer with ARCC?

At ARCC, we welcome individuals passionate about creating positive change in our commiunties. Whether you bring a specific skill set or simply a desire to contribute, there's a place for you in our community of volunteers. Explore the rewarding journey of volunteering with ARCC — where your dedication meets meaningful change.