Youth United Voice

Youth United Voice is aimed at enabling a united voice for young people. Through workshops and activities, the goal is to empower the youth to emerge as leaders within their own communities, as well as in the wider New Zealand community.

This is a great opportunity for like-minded youth to integrate, build their confidence and improve their communication and leadership skills.

  • Be an advocate for youth, refer them to services when required and provide leadership workshops for youth ambassadors from each community. 
  • Provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the youth and to collaborate with other youth organisations (other youth organisations also catering to former refugees, as well as youth organisations in other sectors) 
  • To build a strong network/connection with services that will be beneficial for youth and to hold educational, career development, job seeking workshops/ forums, to invite guest speakers 
  • Help build youth confidence overall and encourage them to overcome the fears of making a better future for themselves and guiding them along their life journey  and refer them to services where required 
  • We want to be able to develop a model that provides the best advocacy for the youth within our communities as well as the wider society 

Indoor Soccer Tournament

Integrate Motivate Activate

Manus Island collaboration with Shakti Youth