The ARCC is currently undergoing a strategic review through our new governance board. This page introduces some of our ongoing projects:

Strengthening Refugee Voices Project

Strengthening Refugee Voices was established in 2006 by the former Department of Labour. It is a community-led initiative aimed at  enabling a united voice of former refugees on settlement matters at regional and national levels. Funding is provided to refugee groups to enable them to meet and discuss their issues and to look for solutions. The refugee groups that have been formed through this initiative are at an inter-community level, providing a cohesive refugee voice. This initiative has been established in the four main refugee resettlement areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch.

ARCC-Community Radio Programme -Resettled Radio

To provide the Auckland Resettled Community Coalition with the means to give Voice to our 23 member groups and for those voices to be heard by a wide range of New Zealanders.  This will be delivered through the facilities of Planet FM and the planet audio website. Radio objectives are to provide education in NZ life and pathways to integration through communication. The programme will address a primary target of our membership (see web link)) and a secondary target of Kiwis open to engaging with new comers and resettled communities.

We will broadcast primarily in English and use the web and social media to distribute the programme features widely as podcasts to host communities. We’ll develop an archive of resettled community experiences and developments, analysis of international and national policies and events affecting new comers and resettled communities from refugee backgrounds. We will be open to dialogue, will gather topics and interviews from a range of gender, ages (inc. a kids’ segment) and backgrounds and provide a venue for artists and performers to present their work. The project includes a valuable Skills Development component for some of our members to gain audio technology, computer and web skills.

New Zealander Now Exhibition 

The Redefine Refugee Campaign comes as a result of community consultation on the local, regional and national resettlement challenges. These centre around employment, education, health, housing, family’s lifestyle and involve negative public perception, which often stereotype new arrivals, giving them the permanent label of “refugee”.

The ARCC want to change the narrative, redefine the word ‘refugee’. Through the use of beautiful images by photographer Nando Azevedo and small snippets of information that provide a window into the lives of individuals, this project shows what happens after refuge has been found, the journey as a refugee has ended and the label has been dropped. Click here to learn more.

Projects in partnership with Auckland Regional Migrant Services

The ARCC works in partnership with Auckland Regional Migrant Services Trust (ARMS) in order to provide former refugees with services that are relevant to their needs. Out of this partnership two very successful projects have developed:

The Safari Playgroups offer mothers an opportunity to improve their English while their children are prepared for pre-school in their first language.

The WISE Collective is another joint project by ARMS and the ARCC. The purpose of the WISE Collective is to provide women with useful trainings and resources to increase their confidence and to generate income by using their cultural crafts and skills.

Communication and Leadership Workshops

We offer a Communication and Leadership Workshop to all members and friends of the ARCC, who want to gain knowledge and skills in order to lead their communities to success in the New Zealand system.

Participants learn to

  – recognize the importance of appropriate communication and leadership style in dealing with resettlement issues

  – encourage greater participation within your community

  – work with different cultural groups

  – understand and learn from the Maori approach to communication and leadership

  – and prioritize your own leadership responsibilities.

Participants, who complete the program, will receive a Certificate of Attendance and Achievement.

Participation is free of charge.

Participants need to be able to communicate in English, and be truly committed to attending the individual courses.

The training consists of 8 workshops that take place over 8 weeks. The next round of workshops will start in Mid-September. For more information, please e-mail .

Resettlement Story Book

This project is centered on the need to capture resettlement stories, in our own voices, in order to come together as a community to combat these issues and get them addressed at a national level, which will in turn serve as a tool in which people come to learn about what is happening in the resettlement sector and serve as a motivator to come together to find our own solutions. Settlement is marked by challenges, triumphs and experiences.  Such stories showcase the process of challenges and hardship faced during the resettlement process, but also ignite the message of strength, resilience, hope and dedicated commitment in pushing through. There are dominant themes which run through many of these stories; problems faced with dealing with systems and bureaucracy; the ever competitive employment force and family reunification. Most importantly, it is our hope that in the midst of stories of struggle, triumph and hiccups, the message of hope in finding ones place in a new land shines through.

National and International Advocacy

ARCC plays a significant role in New Zealand’s refugee sector, both regionally and nationally, even though its primary focus is on the communities based in Auckland. ARCC provides advocacy services, and also co-ordinates and tracks changes in the wellbeing of refugees in Auckland. ARCC has a strong focus on working together with collaborative partners and service providers and believes this is an essential ingredient towards achieving a sustainable and prosperous future – for the organisation, as well as for the communities and individuals it aims to serve. ARCC acts as the bridge between refugee communities, government agencies and non-government organisations.

Over the past year, ARCC has represented and advocated on behalf of the Auckland refugee communities at three major events: The Auckland Resettlement Summit, the National Resettlement Forum in Wellington, and the UNHCR Annual NGO consultations in Geneva.