The Resettlement Portraits

This project is about reminding people that refugees bring to a country much more then just the luggage on their back. Every individual within our resettled community also carries with them their own taonga tuku iho that needs to be respected, protected and celebrated.
Our goal is to use this exhibition as an opportunity to introduce to a greater amount of people the traditions and heritage of our resettled community. We want to invite the audience into new ways of seeing the world and celebrating human diversity in order to ultimately create a healthier refugee resettlement program in Aotearoa New Zealand.
In Auckland alone we can find an enormous variety of cultural backgrounds spanning from the plains of Africa to the middle-east and South east Asia. Our exhibition is concerned about highlighting the beauty and range of each one of those cultures in a unique way. We are interested in the conversion of all these cultures in Aotearoa New Zealand and what effects that will have for the future of our own national identity.

After a successful show in Auckland with around 2500 visitors we are now looking for partners who will help bring this show to other resettlement centers around the country.