Resettlement Story Book: Beyond Refuge Book

This project is centred on the need to capture resettlement stories, in our own voices, as a way of introducing ourselves as newcomers to other New Zealanders.  In order to come together as a community to combat these issues and get them addressed at a national level, it will serve as a tool in which people come to learn about what is happening in the resettlement sector and serve as a motivator for us to come together to find our own solutions.

Settlement is marked by challenges, triumphs and experiences.  Such stories showcase the challenges and hardships faced during the resettlement process. They also  provide positive messages of strength, resilience, hope and dedicated commitment. There are dominant themes which run through many of these stories: problems faced with dealing with systems and bureaucracy; the pressures of competing for employment; and the issues associated with family reunification. Most importantly, it is our hope that in the midst of stories of struggle, triumphs and failures, the message of hope in finding one’s place in a new land shines through.