Resett is an ARCC’s subbrand, focused on changing the way people see the resettled community by placing them outside the humanitarian framework and exposing their creative talents to the world.

Resettled Radio

PRESENTER: Pierre Bahati

Pierre is a father of four and an auto mechanic who is getting in touch with the audio technician within. Born in Burundi, Pierre, a big fan of reggae, is bringing his interest to air on Resettled Radio along with his insights into settling and thriving in a country far from his birthplace.


Formerly a journalist and news presenter in Sudan and Nairobi, Gatluak came from a financial background but enjoyed the interaction with people while presenting in three languages.  Family is first for Gatluak.  He and his wife and four kids enjoy picnics and the outdoors. Reading, playing cards and dominoes, or watching action movies are his time out. His favourite sounds are selected from reggae, religious or traditional music.

Resettled Radio is a production of the Auckland Refugee Community Coalition whose vision is a settled, integrated and thriving former refugee community in Auckland. ARCC represents some 18 registered refugee community organisations from 15 different countries. The radio show aims to open discussion on the progress of former refugees in Aotearoa/NZ through interviews, debate, news and talkback. Each week Resettled Radio welcomes guests, listens to their stories and music and explores current affairs as they relate to resettlement communities today.


World Refugee Day 2019

World Refugee Day (WRD) provides an opportunity for the New Zealand public to come together to commemorate the strength, courage, and perseverance of those who

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