Our Members


The membership of the coalition shall consist of organisation representative delegates by their community organisations/groups. The community organisation must be legal NZ registered Incorporated or Trust which is represented by three representatives, two females and one male, or other way around two males and one female. The coalition may allow some individual leaders to be associate members if it is beneficiary for promoting the objectives.

The current 20 member organisations represent diverse resettled communities from different countries including the Afghanistan, D.R Congo, Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kurdish, Myanmar (Burma) Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Somali and Palestinian communities. The full members of ARCC are organisations not individuals, but we have individuals who are associated members.  The different between full member and associate member is that full member has a right voting in the ARCC matters, while an associate member does not have a voting right. The benefits to becoming ARCC member mean that you can become a voice and establish a new network for your community as representative. The member organisations and representative leaders attend monthly meetings where they have opportunity to network and contribute to discussion and receive information on resettlement and integration issues and raise issues that are happening in their respective communities.

Member Organisations list 

  1. Auckland South Sudan Community Inc
  2. Afghan Association Inc
  3. Burundian Association of NZ Inc
  4. Congolese Community
  5. Eritrea Community of New Zealand Inc
  6. Ethiopian Community of Auckland Inc
  7. Myanmar Gon Ye Organisation
  8. New Zealand Uganda Community
  9. New Zealand Chin Community
  10. New Zealand Zomi Community
  11. New Zealand Palestine Community
  12. New Zealand Zo Community Inc
  13. New Zealand Kurdish Community
  14. NZ Sri lanka Forced Migrant support group
  15. Rwanda Community in New Zealand
  16. Somali Kiwi Trust
  17. Somali kiwi Association Inc.
  18. Sudanese society in New Zealand
  19. Tigray Community in New Zealand
  20. Western Sudanese Alliance in NZ

If you are part of the resettled community in Auckland and would like to join our coalition, please click ‘here’ for more details on how to become a member, or contact us ‘directly’. Any resettled community organisation can become a member.