The journey of a million miles begins with one step ARCC partnership project / summary report! Headlands sculpture on the gulf .

The inaugural partnership project between artist Tiffany Singh and the Auckland

Resettled Community Coalition saw an ambitious Social Practice artwork being realized at the prestigious Sculpture on The Gulf in February 2017. The partnership between Singh and ARCC aimed to highlight the role ARCC plays in strengthening newcomers resettled people voices for better resettlement outcomes. The project also aimed to redefine the understanding of what it means to be a part of the resettled community. The exhibition at Waiheke a ‘Sculpture Island’ 2017 saw 40,000 visitors to the event.


This event brought the story readers and other collaborators such at the musician and filmmaker together to experience the work on site. All the collaborators had the opportunity to experience the work and discuss how it made them feel in relation to seeing the content as an artwork and also the experience of anonymously sharing the stories to a wider public audience. There was an opportunity for a special viewing with the cultural programmes leader Kelly Carmichael and the opportunity to hear about the project from the perspective of Cultural Programmes director Zara Stanhope.