Strengthening Resettlement Voices Project

Strengthening Refugee Voices was established in 2006 by the former Department of Labour. It is a community-led initiative aimed at  enabling a united voice of former refugees on settlement matters at regional and national levels. Funding is provided to refugee groups to enable them to meet and discuss their issues and to look for solutions. […]

New Zealander Now Campaign

The Redefine Refugee Campaign comes as a result of community consultation on the local, regional and national resettlement challenges. These centre on employment, education, health, housing, family lifestyles and involve negative public perceptions, which often stereotype new arrivals, giving them the permanent label of “refugee”. The ARCC want to change the narrative, redefine the word […]

Communication and Leadership Workshops

We offer a Communication and Leadership Workshop to all members and friends of the ARCC, who want to gain knowledge and skills in order to lead their communities to success in the New Zealand system. Participants learn to Recognise the importance of appropriate communication and leadership styles in dealing with resettlement issues Encourage greater participation within […]